"My Father's Son"


“My Father’s Son,” written and directed by Mahmud-Bey and includes the cinematic efforts of Sean Snider (“Honour Among Thieves,” “Leak,” and “Chasing After You.”). 

“My Father’s Son” stars Malachi Anderson (“Affliction,” “The Fatal Flaw,” “Extrinsic Truth,”), Carol Towns (“Little Church,” “Why Do Men Cheat”), and Aqueel Ash Shakoor (“Batwoman,” “Chicago Med,” and “Iced Out”).

The chronicles of life’s ups and downs for Barry Collins (Anderson), who suffered the tragic loss of his mother when he was a child. 

On that faithful day, Barry’s father (Shakoor) left him alone, forcing his Auntie Pamela (Benita Hughes) to raise a conflicted and angry young man.

While Auntie Pamela leans on her faith, Barry is disenchanted, wondering what kind of God would “take his mother and his father” at the same time. Later, when happiness in the form of a promising job offer arrives, things get even more complicated.

While he angrily rejects Auntie Pamela’s request to read letters his had father sent over the years, Barry’s juggling a girlfriend and another woman with whom he’s fallen in love.

An unexpected pregnancy brings more complications for Barry, and his actions leave everyone afraid of what’s to come.

The general contours of “My Father’s Son” brings to the screen the sometimes-rocky path traversed by men and their fathers in what some psychologists call one of the most complex relationships in a man’s life – that of father and son.

It’s a relationship that can affect others, and unless Barry gets the closure he needs, it could have a devastating impact on all of the women in his life and a newborn baby.

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