Knuckles is an introspective look at relationships and life with boxing as the backdrop. Taaj is a young, up and coming boxing contender and Darren is a former boxer.....

"Psychological Persectives With Doc B"

We, as human beings, have always been challended by the same question: Why do we do  what we do? Modern theory has hypothesized that we are all connected and that what we choose to do ultimately has a ripple effect on those areound us. One small action can lead to monumental and also, conversely, catastrophic change....

"Rock Tick Flow

Tone of a B-Boy"

"The Inner Circle"

The Inner Circle- is a one hour Psychological Drama. Visceral, raw and emotional, yet laced with comedic moments that compels the audience to laugh....










"Rock Tick Flow, Tone of a Bboy"  - is a dynamic action filled 45 minute reality show that takes you into the heart of the Bboy Culture....

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